Feeder are a rock band from newport, wales. They formed in 1994 and have continued to make and perform music regulary, apart from in 2013, when they merely did one private show for only 200 people. It was confirmed by bass player Taka, in 2014, that Feeder was very much still alive musically and as of the second half of that year, they had begun working on new stuff!

The singer, Grant, promised a new album with the band this year! that made it their first in four years, but it was still well worth the waiting. The release date has been announced. Also, the band is not making very many festival appearances this year and their concert tour will be in 2017.

The following people have been in the band

Grant Nicholas                 1994-present                      Vocals and guitar

Taka Hirose                      1994-present                      Bass

Jon Lee                             1994-2002                         Drums

Mark Richardson               2002-2009                         Drums

Karl Brazil                         2009-present                       Drums


Two Colours EP       1995

Swim EP                   1996

Polythene                     1997

Yesterday Went Too Soon   1999

Echo Park                2001

Comfort In Sound    2002

Pushing The Senses     2005

Silent Cry           2008

Renegades             2010

Generation Freakshow     2012

All Bright Electric             2016