Hawthorne Heights

Years Active

2001 to present


Post-hardcore, Emo

Hawthorne Heights are an American Emo band from Ohio. They formed in 2001 as A Day In The Life with different members than the band they were later known as. With the death of Casey Calvert and departure of both Micah Carli and Eron Buccareli, only two of the classic lineup are left standing.

They were well known for being on Victory records but eventually switched to red river. JT Woodruff even hosted an exclusive not-seen-on-TV episode of Victor V.


 JT Woodruff    vocals and guitar    2001-present

Matt Ridenour      bass and backing vocals                    2001-present

Mark Macmillion   guitar (2012-present) in concert only (2009-2012) and screaming vocals (2015-present)

Chris Poppydock    drums   (2014-present)

Past members

 Casey Calvert   guitar and screaming vocals     2003-2007

Eron Buccareli       drums                                   2001-2014

Micah Carli            guitar    2003-2015 and screaming vocals (2010-2015)

Jesse Blair            guitar                                    2001-2003


The Silence In Black And White 2004

If Only You Were Lonely 2006

Fragile Future 2008

Skeletons 2010

Hate EP 2011

Hope EP2012

Stripped Down To The Bone EP 2012

Zero 2013

The Silence In Black And White 10TH Anniversary Edition 2014

Hurt EP 2015

Bad Frequencies  2018