Story Of The Year are an American Rock band from St Louis, Missouri. They formed in 1995 under the name Big Blue Monkey and became the band we know now in 2002. They continued until 2011, when they did some side projects, and got back to the band in 2013 with big plans. Those included a tour in the summer and fall of 2013, with the 10 year edition of Page Avenue being released after the tour was done.

These days, all of the members have wives and children and spend a lot of time with them at home, or out doing things in their regular lives. They have even taken up regular jobs outside of music. Bass player Adam Russel even quit the band in 2014. However, they are still not done and will still perform and record while the four of them are alive, with a fifth album in the works and while it was at first intended to be released in 2016, it was not put out until a year later than that. I am sure it is every bit worth the wait, however.

Most recently, Phill is done with the band (it was the others who got rid of him and brought Adam back!)


Three Days Broken    1998

Truth In Separation    1999

Story Of The Year EP    2002

Page Avenue      2003

Live In The Lou Bassins (DVD)  2005

In The Wake Of Determination  2005

The Black Swan    2008

The Constant    2010

Page Avenue: 10 Years And Counting (Acoustic)   2013

Wolves 2017